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Pat Tillman was an Atheist…..and Proud of It!

It seems that Army Ranger, Pat Tillman, who we now know was killed by “friendly fire” in Afghanistan, was an Atheist.

Adding insult to the already agregious treatment his family has endured in the aftermath, the Army continued to slander his memory by condemning him for his beliefs.

Pat Tillman was a hero long before his senseless demise for being a “mensch”, a man who knew and could articulate his beliefs, and was willing to march to the beat of a different drummer, in an organization (Army) that demanded conformity.

Here is a video illustrating the unethical, unpatriotic and rude behavior exhibited by the government as a whole supported by a cabal of weasels.

This makes me “mad as hell” and I refuse to remain silent…how about you?

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